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Christmas Aurora™ Series

The varieties of Christmas Aurora are ideal for December poinsettia sales. An upright, narrow habit and medium bract size is perfect for higher density production and dependable shipping, and their narrow shape makes them easy to sleeve. This reliable, predictable series works well in 6-in. (15-cm) pots. Plus, they are early to color, yet late to flower ­— providing an outstanding shelf life at retail and long-lasting enjoyment for consumers. 

Plant Vigor: High
V-Shaped Habit: Narrow
Response Time in Weeks:
  • Season:Mid Season
  • Foliage:Dark Green
  • Natural Flower (first pollen):Nov. 24-28
  • Response Time in weeks (first pollen):8.5
  • Vigor:high
  • Habit:narrow
  • Average Bract Size:large, pointed
  • Post Harvest:excellent
  • Energy Efficient:
  • Varieties are rated from most () to least () efficient. Contact us for guides.

  • Cool Finish (24 hrs avg.):63 F/17 C
  • Indicates minimum temperature starting two weeks after the beginning of short days. Please note that a crop grown cooler requires more time to finish (4 to 7 days), and will have smaller bracts and darker color (for example, white may turn cream-yellow). Toward the end of the crop (two weeks prior to shipping), slowly lower the temperature for green-leafed varieties to 65°F (18°C) day/night and dark green-leafed varieties to 63°F (17°C) day/night.

  • Space Efficient:
  • Varieties are rated from most () to least () efficient. Contact us for guides.

  • Recommended spacing for 6":13 x 13
  • 2.5" Mini
  • 4 - 5"
  • 6"
  • 8"
  • 10"
  • Tree/Pyramid
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“Christmas Aurora finishes naturally in late November to early December, and can be held cool to target week 50-51 sales.”



  • Roots rapidly; plant from liner at 19-21 days; apply rooting hormone to base of cutting.
  • Uses feed aggressively; start feed program around day 7; failure to feed early enough will result in yellowing.
  • High vigor level; will require PGR application in propagation; 500-750 ppm Cycocel spray at day 15-20 and can be repeated if necessary.
  • Plant from liners to finished container when well-rooted, prevents stretch.

early finished growth

  • Must be pinched early: at day 14-16 from a liner; at day 24-26 for direct stick. Failure to pinch early will result in uneven branching.
  • Apply light PGR when branches are 1-1.5 in. (2.5-4 cm) using Cycocel spray at 500-750 ppm; recommended to even out the branches.
  • Branching occurs rapidly after pinch; PGR may be needed at 7 days.
  • Very upright habit; can go to final spacing very early if needed; rings can be avoided, even in large pots.

growing on

  • Grows aggressively when branches develop; strong growth October into early November; slows as finish approaches in late November.
  • Northern Climate: Limit PGR to Cycocel spray at 500-1,000 ppm.
  • Southern Climate: Use 1-2 spray applications of B-Nine (1,000 ppm)/Cycocel (500 ppm) before September 20.
  • Late PGR applications: Cycocel spray 500-750 ppm, end October 15.
  • Micro Bonzi drenches can begin in early October; overly aggressive PGR applications in October can result in smaller bracts.


late growing stages

  • Feed continuously until finish. Watch media EC and reduce feed levels to avoid rapid increase; indicates plants' need for nutrition is waning.
  • High EC at finish can result in root damage, reduced shelf life and possible Pythium.
  • Finishes naturally in late November to early December; can be held cool to target week 50-51 sales; avoid dew point to prevent Botrytis.

  • Christmas Aurora™ Red
  • Christmas Aurora™ Red Container
Christmas Aurora™ Red
(Flowering Only License)