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Petunia Headliner™ Strawberry Sky
Headliner™ Strawberry Sky
The Sky Petunia family continues to expand in 2023 with Strawberry Sky, a berry hue speckled with our top-selling sky pattern. You'll love its early flowering and fast finish.
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Lobelia Magadi™ Compact Blue Bay
Magadi™ Compact Blue Bay
Enjoy the unique splash pattern over the blooms that holds its color even in Summer conditions. Plants are upright and compact with dense branches for super-attractive baskets.
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MiniFamous® Uno White Gold & Orange Vein
MiniFamous® Uno White Gold
Fantastic, novel bicolors add to this established calibrachoa series. MiniFamous Uno is an ideal choice for baskets due to its medium compact habit.
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Lascar™ Orange Lava
Lascar™ Orange Lava
What a fiery red garden spectacle! Like lava oozing along the ground, this new verbena won't fail to draw attention. The Lascar series is early-blooming and wide-branching.
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NEW Trixi® Combos
NEW Combos for 2023
Mixed containers remain a hot item with garden shoppers! See all of our newest basket combinations and color trends at our Trixi page.
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