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Selecta is filled with first-class genetics delivering ease of production.
New Varieties
Find the newest plant introductions from Selecta.
Collapse <span class="underline">Poinsettias</span>Poinsettias
Stunning Poinsettia varieties from Selecta with year-round production.
Very Early Season
Try these Poinsettias for very early season production.
Early Season
These Poinsettias are perfect for early season programs.
Mid Season
For mid season production, these Poinsettias work great.
Collapse <span class="underline">Trixi®</span>Trixi®
Trixi: Feast of colors
PGR Strategies
Trixi is easy to work with.
Start your combo program with TrixiLiner
How To Guide
Step by step with TrixiLiner
Trixi® Combos
Perfect containers of tested mixes.
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P.O.P Solutions
Combos With Bounce
Trials & Testimonials
View our latest catalogs and brochures.
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Spring Plants
Find Selecta plants through Root & Sell Stations or Ball Seed.
Collapse <span class="underline">About Us</span>About Us
Selecta North America features excellent genetics of vegetative proppagated plants and poinsettias.
Terms & Conditions
Important plant protection and licensing information.
Privacy Policy
Online privacy policy for Selecta North America
News & Events
Here's the latest news and press announcements from Selecta.
Meet The Team
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