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Christmas Day Red

This top-quality variety offers long-lasting cyathia for superior holdability on the bench, and timing that won’t delay when grown cool to save energy. It also features a strong root system that is proven to withstand flood-floor irrigation. Christmas Day Red is versatile for a range of pot sizes, and its medium vigor is easy to control with minimal PGRs. Plus, it is available as a mini cutting.

Plant Vigor: Medium
V-Shaped Habit: Normal
Response Time in Weeks:
  • Season:Mid Season
  • Foliage:dark green
  • Natural Flower (first pollen):Nov. 20-27
  • Response Time in weeks (first pollen):8
  • Vigor:medium
  • Habit:normal
  • Average Bract Size:large, pointed
  • Post Harvest:very good
  • Energy Efficient:
  • Varieties are rated from most () to least () efficient. Contact us for guides.

  • Cool Finish (24 hrs avg.):63°F / 17°C
  • Indicates minimum temperature starting two weeks after the beginning of short days. Please note that a crop grown cooler requires more time to finish (4 to 7 days), and will have smaller bracts and darker color (for example, white may turn cream-yellow). Toward the end of the crop (two weeks prior to shipping), slowly lower the temperature for green-leafed varieties to 65°F (18°C) day/night and dark green-leafed varieties to 63°F (17°C) day/night.

  • Space Efficient:
  • Varieties are rated from most () to least () efficient. Contact us for guides.

  • Recommended spacing for 6":13"x13"
  • 2.5" Mini
  • 4 - 5"
  • 6"
  • 8"
  • 10"
  • Tree/Pyramid
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“Both Christmas Day and Christmas Wish Red are a bit slower out of the pinch than many other Selecta varieties, so be patient. They will both branch well.”



• Plant from liner at 24 days
• Apply rooting hormone at the base of cutting
• Start feed program at day 7 to prevent yellowing

early finished growth

• Pinch early: at day 14-18 from a liner; at 4 weeks for directstick
• Breaks begin to grow 7-10 days after pinch
• In low-humidity climates, Florel applications before and/or after pinch may help hasten branching

growing on

• Both grow rapidly once the branches develop and exhibit strong growth throughout the crop until color begins
• Don’t apply PGR too early
• Apply light PGR when branches are 1-1.5 in. (2.5-4 cm) using Cycocel spray at 500-750 ppm
• Apply more aggressive PGR when branches are 2 in. (5 cm)
• Southern Climate: Use 1-2 applications of B-Nine (1,000 ppm)/
Cycocel (500 ppm) before September 20
• Apply later Cycocel sprays at 500-750 ppm
• Micro Bonzi drenches can begin in early October

late growing stages

• Both require continuous feed until finish
• Reduce feed levels if media EC increases too rapidly
• Both varieties require that the finished pH be maintained below 6.6 to prevent magnesium deficiency. This shows up in the form of interveinal chlorosis near the outer part of the leaves about 3/4 of the way up the plant, usually in late October.

  • Poinsettia Christmas Day Red
Poinsettia Christmas Day Red
(Flowering Only License)